The Swim Again swim joint is specially designed to fit the pyramid connection on the foot. This feature combined with the pylon being able to sit on the pyramid of the joint makes this a universal fit with endless possibilities. We wanted something that really let fellow amputees know that we had them in mind when we designed Swim Again. With a lower profile to the foot or with the lower profile to the pylon, whichever the consumer prefers in his or her order! It is possible for amputees to use Swim Again with the foot of their choice and the way they are the most comfortable walking.

Swimming with a prosthetic limb is an liberating activity, bringing back a piece of normality to amputees.

"I lost my leg as an adult and as an adult with one small child and one teenager. I took into mind if this was my little girl, is this a design she could work with and I would trust to let her wear... 
The answer is YES, WITH ALL MY HEART."  
- Quade Vaught, Inventor & Founder - Swim Again Inc.

We designed the Swim Again swim joint with fellow amputees in mind, both AK and BK. Now you can Swim Again - like you have lost nothing!



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